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Review: Bella Fino Leather Wallet Case for the iPhone 6

Bella Fino iPhone Case

The Bella Fino Case for the iPhone 6 Plus and 6s Plus is designed by the hard working folks over at Pad & Quill.  This slim leather wallet case will challenge any negative pre-conceived notions you might have had about wallet cases for your iPhone–I know it did for me.  The concept of a wallet case is that it can potentially replace the need for a wallet, and also double as a case for your iPhone. One of my recent goals has been to streamline my wallet needs, and find a suitable solution where I don’t need to carry one at all.  Most of the time I leave my wallet in my car, as I hate the extra lump in my back pocket.  It’s because of situations like this that I try to avoid typical wallet designs.  I find that, more often than not, using a typical wallet lends itself to carrying around more than you really need simply because you have the extra space.  With the Bella Fino Case both situations are managed simultaneously.  There are enough pockets for several credit cards and your drivers license or ID, as well as a hidden pocket for cash, without the unnecessary bulk associated with a typical wallet.

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Quick Look: Spigen Thin Fit Hybrid for iPhone 6S Plus

Spigen Thin Fit_-5

The Spigen Thin Fit Hybrid was the first case I picked up for my iPhone 6S Plus, but it’s actually the case I use the least. That has little to do with the build quality or the ergonomics, and everything to do with how the matte white appears in the everyday.

When I purchase products in white, I want them to look white in most circumstances. The finish on the Spigen Thin Fit Hybrid looks all right in ambient light, but the moment you hold it up to sunlight (or have it under a lamp on a desk) you’ll see that the coating is pearlescent white, rather than a pure white. It’s tricky to capture on camera, but there’s definitely a yellow tint to the case under bright light. I was disappointed to find this out, as I think it cheapens the look of an otherwise clean design.

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