How to sell your used iPhone ahead of the next launch

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With the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, or whatever they may be called, expected to be announced on Wednesday, the one thing on everyone’s mind right now is–how can I sell my current iPhone in time to make a new purchase?  If Apple follows their traditional pattern of announcement to availability cycle, we can expect the iPhone 7 & 7 Plus to go on sale in stores around 1-2 weeks after their Keynote announcement Wednesday, with pre-orders potentially starting as early as this Friday.

If you’re in the same boat as me, and you plan on purchasing the next iPhone when it’s released, what do you do with your current device?  Well, that depends on a couple of factors.  Is your current iPhone paid off, or is it part of a monthly installment plan?  If it’s already paid off, you’re in good shape.  Now you have several options on where you might want to sell your iPhone–if that’s ultimately your plan.  If you’re still on an installment plan, you need to verify your eligibility with your mobile carrier.  Of course, you can always pay full price for your new iPhone, too–but  since you’re reading this post, that’s probably not your first choice.  If the installment plan you’re on allows for a new renewal you have a many options available.

  • You could always sell to a private owner using services like Craigslist and eBay.  This certainly is a viable option.  My experience using Craigslist over the years has been nothing short of positive.
  • Walk into an Apple store and participate in their Recycle your iPhone for credit program, which will either give you credit toward a new iPhone purchase or provide you with an Apple Gift Card.
  • Trade your iPhone in at your local wireless carrier store for store credit or immediate cash. For US customers, check your eligibility for upgrade pricing here.

Lastly, there are a variety of re-sale companies out there that will give you a reasonable price for your phone depending on the condition of your device.  For comparable purposes, I’ll use my current iPhone (AT&T, 64GB  iPhone 6s Plus) in very good shape with normal wear and minimal scratches on the screen, as an example of what you can get for your device as of today

  • Gazelle will lock in a guaranteed price quote for 30 days.  That way you can lock in a price today, and with plenty of time to make your decision without the price changing.

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