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Review: Apple’s Silicone Case in Midnight Blue

Review Apple Midnight Blue Silicone Case 3

Apple’s Silicone Case wasn’t actually my first choice for a case. I bought their leather Saddle Brown case and used it for about a month. I loved the way the leather felt and looked on the device, and I thought the warmer-looking Saddle Brown was a huge improvement over the basic Brown leather case. However, I also like to wear jeans most days of the week, and the Saddle Brown dye did not appreciate that in the least. It didn’t take long for me to sub out the leather case for a silicone one.

The white case was actually most appealing to me, but I was worried of repeating the blue staining I’d experienced with the leather case, so I went with Midnight Blue. I’ve had about six months with this case now, and although it isn’t exactly exciting, it’s definitely a keeper.

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