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Do you have an awesome iPhone App our readers would love to discover? “Does iPhoneInsight offer a sponsored post where we can promote our iPhone App?” You bet, we can help via Sponsored iPhone App article.

Thanks for your interest in sponsoring your iPhone App with our readers! We would love to help promote your iPhone App but you need to strictly adhere to our Sponsored iPhone Apps Guidelines.

Sponsored iPhone Apps is a great way to introduce your App to a targeted audience at iPhoneInsight.com, potentially benefitting from gaining new downloads and customers. We value the loyal following we have so we will only accept Sponsored iPhone Apps that are targeted to iPhones.

IMPORTANT! Please DO NOT send Sponsored iPhone App Articles via email. You MUST use the form below or it won’t be considered. iPhoneInsight reserves the right to reject sponsored iPhone App submission at our sole discretion. Thank you for understanding and helping us and our valued readers save time!

General Guidelines

  • We welcome in depth article that include insights, tips, reviews or tutorial on your iPhone APP.
  • Submit your iPhone App article but content MUST be original and unique.
  • A short bio of yourself, 2-3 sentences.
  • A title for your article (We may edit your title if we feel it’s necessary)
  • The article should be factual and not ‘too self serving’, we need to respect our readers while promoting you and your App. eg, Do not use the word “BEST” to describe your iPhone App, we will let our readers decide that for themselves. Your goal is to introduce your App not self review it for us. (We may edit your article if we feel it’s necessary)
  • Please provide minimum 5 quality images to include in the article, more would be better for selection purposes.
  • Give us minimum 10 days to review and post the article (We’ll make exceptions and post earlier under certain circumstances)


Sponsored Article Fee

  • USD $10 sponsored article fee must be paid via Paypal before your article is posted
  • You submit your sponsored iPhone App article for review
  • You submit your payment via Paypal (You will be directed to the Paypal payment page after you submit your sponsored article)
  • iPhoneInsight Admin reviews and approves your sponsored article or, an iPhoneInsight Admin may contact you with content changes if needed
  • If your sponsored article is rejected, you will be refunded minus any Paypal charges iPhoneInsight may be subject to.  iPhoneInsight is not responsible for any loss you may incur from currency exchange and/or bank fees
  • Once approved your sponsored article will be posted within 10 days
  • Once a sponsored App article is posted, there is no refund
  • “Why do we have to pay the sponsored fee upfront?” ANSWER: iPhoneInsight receives many iPhone App review requests and this is our way of, 1) filtering out not so great Apps. We don’t want to clutter iPhoneInsight with every App out there, 2) We assume you will only pay the fee if you truly believe you have a great App our readers would want to discover and, 3) the fee covers administrative costs.

Quality Requirements

  • Your article must be ORIGINAL and UNIQUE, creative and interesting
  • Must be 600 words or more in length
  • Content must be related to your iPhone Apps
  • Images should be 600px – 800px wide (Only send us images that you have taken yourself or that have been released under a
  • Creative Commons license for use from a free stock image source)
  • Must be in English, proper grammar
  • * We will check for plagiarism, and if flagged as such, we will not publish it

Topics and Subjects

  • Content must be about your iPhone App
  • Content may be tips, reviews, tutorial or general introduction to your iPhone App

Link Requirements and Policies

  • We will provide ‘nofollow’ outbound links to your App and social pages
  • Affiliate links are strictly forbidden

Republishing Policies

  • We do not allow republishing of our Sponsored iPhone App articles. Once submitted, the content in its entirety is exclusively owned by iPhoneInsight.com. You may not publish the article in its entirety anywhere else. You may publish parts of your Sponsored iPhone App article elsewhere, just not in its entirety.
  • * Please do not submit your article if you object to iPhoneInsight.com owning the article in its entirety.

Editorial Policies

  • We will review your article submission and we may request edits if we feel it’s necessary
  • We reserve the right to edit your article if we feel it’s not a material change
  • * Please don’t be offended if we suggest changes or make minor changes ourselves, our intent is to offer our readers quality content.

Formatting Preferences (Preferred but not a must)

  • Use subheadings in the post body (eg, include H2-H3 tags)
  • HTML preferred but not a must
  • Use short paragraphs or bullet points (to make the post easier to read)

* By submitting a guest post on the form below you agree to our Sponsored iPhone App Guidelines and grant iPhoneInsight.com a royalty-free, perpetual, non-exclusive, unrestricted, worldwide license to use, reproduce, transmit, distribute, publicly perform, display, including your identity and information about you, your content including images, in any medium including, but not limited to, iPhoneInsight.com’s social media pages such as, Facebook, Twitter and/or Pinterest. (We will never sell your content or images you provide)

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