Quick Look: RNI Films for iPhone

I don’t take nearly as many shots on my iPhone as I used to, but the ones that I do take are usually processed in Darkroom or RNI Films. I usually use the former because it streamlines the editing process so much, but there’s no denying that RNI films has some really gorgeous film filters of its own.

One thing that turns me off a lot of iOS photo editors are all the very fake extra effects that clutter up the actual filters. I don’t want to add fake sun flares, bokeh balls, or fake frames to my shots. I just want to be able to tweak the colours and tones, and then share them easily with other people. RNI Film simulations are based on real film stocks, and so you don’t have to deal with any fake extras being added to your images. What changes are the colours and tones. Once you have an image chosen, you can preview different films with a single tap. That tap can add a lot of pop to an image — so much so that I often don’t feel the need to spruce it up after that.

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How to Prepare your iPhone for sale


Whether you’re purchasing the next iPhone or you’re simply trading up from on older model–one of the first things you need to do before selling/trading in your current iPhone is to wipe the device clean.  Even though cellular carriers will usually boast about
providing this service to you for free, the piece of mind from performing the task yourself is invaluable.  There’s no need to trust someone else with your personal security.  Whether you’re a seasoned veteran of the trade-in/sell process, or you’ve never done this before, don’t worry–we’ve got you covered.  It’s easy to remove all your personal data and return your device to its factory settings.

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Review: Bella Fino Leather Wallet Case for the iPhone 6

Bella Fino iPhone Case

The Bella Fino Case for the iPhone 6 Plus and 6s Plus is designed by the hard working folks over at Pad & Quill.  This slim leather wallet case will challenge any negative pre-conceived notions you might have had about wallet cases for your iPhone–I know it did for me.  The concept of a wallet case is that it can potentially replace the need for a wallet, and also double as a case for your iPhone. One of my recent goals has been to streamline my wallet needs, and find a suitable solution where I don’t need to carry one at all.  Most of the time I leave my wallet in my car, as I hate the extra lump in my back pocket.  It’s because of situations like this that I try to avoid typical wallet designs.  I find that, more often than not, using a typical wallet lends itself to carrying around more than you really need simply because you have the extra space.  With the Bella Fino Case both situations are managed simultaneously.  There are enough pockets for several credit cards and your drivers license or ID, as well as a hidden pocket for cash, without the unnecessary bulk associated with a typical wallet.

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Quick Look: Splitwise for iPhone

Splitting bills sucks, and it can range from irritating to downright awkward to remind someone they owe you a bit of money, and why that money is owed. I’ve dealt with this with friends and with my own girlfriend. Little meals here and there aren’t a big deal, but larger expenses like rent and electricity bills are not something you’ll just want to let slip. It’s good to have a sense of accountability, without having anyone feel like they’re being nagged.

I used to handle bills through a mix of Soulver and Money Pro (my current personal finance app), but a coworker recently introduced me to Splitwise, and it has been a great big smashing success for me. This is an app designed for splitting bills with groups of friends, or even a partner. My girlfriend and I share a few bills and the rent and we’ve decided against a shared chequing account for the interim, so we’ve been giving Splitwise a thorough test for the past few weeks.

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iPhone App of the Week: Prisma

Screen Shot 2016-08-14 at 6.50.46 PM

Who doesn’t like great iPhone apps? At iPhone Insight we definitely do. With that in mind, we offer up a quick review of an excellent iPhone app published here each week.  Check out all out picks below and you’ll soon have a collection of stellar apps for your favorite tablet.

This week’s pick is Prisma, Art Photo Editor with Free Picture Effects & Cool Image Filters for Instagram Pics and Selfies by Prisma Labs, Inc.  Prisma is an intuitive, easy to use app that transforms your photos into works of art using filters that mimic the styles of famous artists.  Through the use of artificial intelligence they can turn one of your favorite photos into art.

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Now That My iPhone Isn’t My Main Camera

The iPhone wasn’t the device to get me interested in photography. I’d always had a passing interest in being able to take pictures wherever I was, and I purchased the Sony Ericsson K750i for exactly that reason. It had a 2 Megapixel camera with auto-focus, and it was really freeing to be able to whip out a camera without dealing with any extra bulk.

The iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5S, and the 6S Plus served me well, and carried on in the tradition of the K750i. They were my everyday cameras and I snapped shots simply to preserve memories, and also to try and take some beautiful pictures. Every iPhone upgrade made strides towards higher overall image quality, and better low-light performance. Alongside the speed improvements, imaging was the biggest reasons I’d shell out for a new iPhone every two years.

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Quick Look: Spigen Thin Fit Hybrid for iPhone 6S Plus

Spigen Thin Fit_-5

The Spigen Thin Fit Hybrid was the first case I picked up for my iPhone 6S Plus, but it’s actually the case I use the least. That has little to do with the build quality or the ergonomics, and everything to do with how the matte white appears in the everyday.

When I purchase products in white, I want them to look white in most circumstances. The finish on the Spigen Thin Fit Hybrid looks all right in ambient light, but the moment you hold it up to sunlight (or have it under a lamp on a desk) you’ll see that the coating is pearlescent white, rather than a pure white. It’s tricky to capture on camera, but there’s definitely a yellow tint to the case under bright light. I was disappointed to find this out, as I think it cheapens the look of an otherwise clean design.

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