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Facial Recognition in iOS 10

One of the big delightful features in iOS 10 is the automatic tagging and organizing of photos into Faces and Memories. I’ve been giving these features a workout over the past few betas, and I think I’ve had enough time to at least talk about Faces in iOS 10 beta 3 (a.k.a. Public Beta 2).

The way that iOS starts to recognize faces is when the device is plugged in and on Wi-Fi — for most people this will mean while the device is charging on the bedside table as you sleep. This gives the device a solid few hours to cast its magic on your photos and start to group photos together into like faces.

You’ll find all of these faces in an album called Faces (surprise!). But this isn’t really like the albums you’re used to on your iPhone. Unlike other albums on iOS, the only way to add new content to Faces is to use its special menus to select and approve people that iOS has recognized for you.
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