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How to Manage the Privacy Settings on your iPhone


Privacy is quite the buzz word these days.  We all want it, but do we really know what to do to keep our personal information safe from prying eyes?  It’s our responsibility to manage our own information.  We cannot rely on corporate America to do it for us.  If you’re receiving services that allegedly protect your personal information, you must ask yourself what the tradeoff is.  Nothing is free.  Our information is extremely valuable to companies and aids them in providing additional services that equate to dollars.  If we truly want privacy, how do we achieve that on our iPhones?

In addition to actively controlling the information we share on our electronic devices, it is important to consider the manufacturer directly responsible for designing and maintaining the operating system.  What’s their track record with regard to customer privacy, and how do they manage your information?  Do they keep it completely anonymous, or are they actively and openly farming information indiscriminately?  For their part, Apple has made this process easier for us by adjusting many of the iPhone’s default settings to safer modes out of the box.  With safeguards like this in place we are forced to acknowledge, and give permission to apps the first time they require information from us that is considered private.

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