What’s on your iPhone Home Screen?

img_0673_iphone6splusspacegrey_portraitWith the start of a new year, I thought I’d take another look at my iPhone home screen, and make some decisions on what I “need” and what apps I have simply accumulated over the last 3.5 months since purchasing my iPhone 7 Plus.  The majority of my most used apps live on the first home screen page, with the next page consisting of mostly folders and recent downloads that I have yet to decide if Im going to keep or not.  Since there is only room for 28 app icons on one screen I have assigned (5) icon slots with my most frequently used folders.  These folders are broken down into two groups–my most used app categories like Social apps and Productivity, and brand based apps such as Apple, Google and Microsoft.

Before I share which apps I chose to install on my main Home page let me say that early on, whether originally intentional or not, I adopted the popular habit of distributing my apps with the most used in the bottom right corner area.  The reason for this is simple–they are the easiest to reach one-handed, and I am right-handed.  When I survey my most used apps, other than the 4 in the dock, there are probably 6-7 more that I use daily.  Without stretching my reach, I can very comfortably select 8 or 9 with my thumb–so that scenario works out perfectly for me. Your mileage may vary.

Apps on my Home Screen

While preparing to write this post I noticed that almost all of the top 2 rows of installed on my Home Page are stock Apple Apps.  This is interesting to me, in that I don’t use them all that often, but for some reason, I still chose to keep them on the main Home Page.

Row 1


Apple TV app, iTunes Store, Apple Wallet and Phone.  Nothing too exciting here.  All these apps are pretty self explanatory, although the new TV app now replaces the video app and unifies your TV watching experience.  It stores your downloaded videos and TV shows as well lets you sign into your TV provider so that you can watch shows across multiple dedicated apps without having to sign in multiple times.

Row 2


Music, Settings, App Store and a Social App Folder.  Again, mostly stock Apple Apps as well as my first Folder.  This folder houses my social apps that don’t have their own place holder on the Home Page Instagram, Facebook Messenger, LinkedIn, etc).

Row 3


Productivity Folder, Google Folder, Apple Folder, Microsoft Folder. This row is made up entirely of Folders mostly consisting of branded apps.  I call this the Productivity Row.  It starts with a folder that houses news feeds, to-do lists, and additional email clients, and it continues with folders dedicated to the Big 3 companies in Tech.  The most used app in each folder = Dropbox, Google Maps, Notes, and Outlook for my work email.

Row 4


Photos, Camera, Facebook and WeatherBug.  Easy row, not much to elaborate on.  I use all but the Photos app daily, and that is why it sits to the far left, and the hardest to reach of the group.

Row 5


ESPN, PDF Expert, Pocket, Wunderlist.  I could, for the most part interchange any of these four apps with each other, and to be honest, they are mostly divided up the way there are because of their colors.  As silly as it may sounds to most, I would never put a red app next to another red app, or a white app icon next to another white icon.  Would drive me nuts.

Row 6


iCloud Drive, Tweetbot, Casts and Apple Maps. I use all but iCloud Drive on my iPhone daily, hence why it occupies the farthest to the left of row 6.  I am on Tweetbot and Casts multiple times a day, and even though Apple Maps is in the far right corner, it is not there for prominence.  It is actually a little harder to select being so close to my finger.  A little note about Apple Maps–I really wish I could use this as my _only_ maps app, but it isn’t quite there yet.  I love it for directions and the beautiful interface.  However, I still appreciate the ease in which I can add and label locations in Google Maps and interact with them up on the Web.  Google Maps is in a folder right now, but it might make its way back to replace Apple Maps.

Row 7


The Dock–Calendars 5, Newton Email, Messages, Safari.  My go-to’s.  These are the apps I use the most, with Newton occasionally getting swapped with Spark Email from Readdle.

That’s my current Home screen, and it doesn’t fluctuate that much these days.  My second Home screen is where I collect and experiment with apps, and keep my occasionally used, but don’t want to delete since I have 128GB of storage apps.  What does your home screen look like? Feel free to share in the comments sections below.

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