Quick Look: Martian Notifier Smartwatch

Martian Notifier Smartwatch

So this caught me by surprise.  A few weeks ago on our sister site–iPad Insight, we ran a promo deal for a smart watch called the Martian Notifier.  Weird name, I know, but something about it caught my eye.  It was a good looking, sporty watch, and is still on sale for 76% off.  Even if it wasn’t a smart watch, $30 is not a bad price for a respectable time piece.  It comes in 3 colors–black, white and red.  In addition, you can also choose from an assortment of replacement bands to swap out–also on sale ($10).  It took a little over a week for it to be delivered, and to my amazement, I was counting down every day until it arrived.  I haven’t worn a watch in well over 5 years.  However, with the release of the Apple Watch, especially the Series 2 version, I was seriously considering expanding my collection of Apple products to include a smart watch in the very near future.  This Martian Notifier seemed like the perfect test case.

Martian Notifier Smartwatch

I have had my Martian Notifier Smart Watch for only 3 days right now.  So my observations here are going to be very preliminary.  Some things I have noticed right away…

  • Looks as good in person as on the website.  For a two year old watch, this is still going to be enough for many smart watch users–especially at this price!
  • The white model has a nice contrast on the dial, and I will most likely buy a replacement black band to swap out on occasion.
  • The battery life is stellar.  Average battery life on a full charge is reported to be 4-5 days.  So far I have used it for 3 full days+ and I’m still at 76%.  Way better than I expected, but we’ll see how it goes during an average day at work when the email and ext notifications pick up.
  • Updated firmware was a little confusing, only because there was no clear active link directing me to the newest firmware update.  However, after that, it updated in just a few minutes over my Mac.
  • Easy to set-up out off the box, and the companion app makes that process even easier.

Martial Notifier Smart Watch

  • While not water-proof, it is splash resistant.
  • Unfortunately, you cannot invoke Siri if you are running iOS 10 on your iPhone (and who isn’t running iOS 10 by now).  This is a deal breaker for me, because, to be honest, I typically don’t interact with Siri via voice-command that often anyway.
  • The rubber/silicone band is durable and comfortable enough as long as your wrist isn’t super sweaty.
  • I can’t type on my laptop while wearing it–more of an annoyance than anything.
  • You can only charge it with an extended micro-USB connector specific for this device.

Martian Notifier Smart Watch

This is a pretty big initial thoughts list.  Suffice it to say, I am very pleased with my purchase thus far, and will be sending the Martian Notifier through the motions for the next week or so before writing any follow-up posts about my experience.  One thing is certain, after this short time with the Notifier, I can definitely envision an Apple Watch in my immediate future.

The Martian Notifier Smart Watch was purchased by me for review on iPhone Insight. For further information regarding our site’s review policies, please see the “About” page.

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