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An Apple Campaign: One Night on iPhone 7 in Pictures


Back in November of 2016 professional photographers from all around the world set out to canvass the  globe for one night using only their iPhone 7.  As part of the “Shot on an iPhone” campaign these photographers set out to capture the essence and beauty of life from dusk to dawn showcasing the low-light camera capabilities.   The fruits of their work will be displayed around the world in 25 countries starting today.  The variety and range of their work encompasses Arctic ice caves and Indonesian volcanoes, as well as the clubs of Johannesburg and rooftops of Shanghai.

Photographers ventured out and endured conditions in some extreme climates in an attempt to push the limits of the iPhone 7 and find the perfect shot. From pictures taken with a drone carrying an iPhone 7 over active volcanoes, to the foreboding terrain of the Arctic, photographers pushed the limits of the iPhone armed with just their imaginations.  The final products were stunning and a remarkable tribute to what the iPhone is capable of.

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