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iPhone App of the Week: Prisma

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Who doesn’t like great iPhone apps? At iPhone Insight we definitely do. With that in mind, we offer up a quick review of an excellent iPhone app published here each week.  Check out all out picks below and you’ll soon have a collection of stellar apps for your favorite tablet.

This week’s pick is Prisma, Art Photo Editor with Free Picture Effects & Cool Image Filters for Instagram Pics and Selfies by Prisma Labs, Inc.  Prisma is an intuitive, easy to use app that transforms your photos into works of art using filters that mimic the styles of famous artists.  Through the use of artificial intelligence they can turn one of your favorite photos into art.

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(5) Battery Saving Tips for your iPhone


My iPhone is my lifeline to the world.  I use it for work, I use it at home.  It’s my wallet, my reference guide, my music collection, and everything in between.  As a result, the battery takes a hit.  Even with the most recent iPhone available running the most advanced battery technology available, it never seems to be enough.  So what, besides complaining, can we do to extend our iPhone battery life without having to stay connected to a cord all day?  Over the years I have found a handful of useful tips that have served me well.  Here they are, in no particular order.

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How to Manage the Privacy Settings on your iPhone


Privacy is quite the buzz word these days.  We all want it, but do we really know what to do to keep our personal information safe from prying eyes?  It’s our responsibility to manage our own information.  We cannot rely on corporate America to do it for us.  If you’re receiving services that allegedly protect your personal information, you must ask yourself what the tradeoff is.  Nothing is free.  Our information is extremely valuable to companies and aids them in providing additional services that equate to dollars.  If we truly want privacy, how do we achieve that on our iPhones?

In addition to actively controlling the information we share on our electronic devices, it is important to consider the manufacturer directly responsible for designing and maintaining the operating system.  What’s their track record with regard to customer privacy, and how do they manage your information?  Do they keep it completely anonymous, or are they actively and openly farming information indiscriminately?  For their part, Apple has made this process easier for us by adjusting many of the iPhone’s default settings to safer modes out of the box.  With safeguards like this in place we are forced to acknowledge, and give permission to apps the first time they require information from us that is considered private.

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How to use your iPhone as a Wi-fi Hotspot

iPhone Wi-Fi

If you have a family, chances are, you’re sharing some sort of data plan with your iPhone. Most of the time that’s not a bad thing.  In fact, with minor free data increases our family currently shares 15 GB of data a month.  Most of the time the data is only shared between our three iPhones, but we also have an iPad under the same plan.  Add to that the ability to carry over used data each month, and we rarely approach our allotted limit.

With this in mind, sharing data with our iPad’s and laptops that our limited to internet access on Wi-fi only has helped on more than one occasion. All you have to do to share your data connection is to turn your iPhone into a Wi-fi hotspot–and here’s how.

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How to install a third party keyboard on your iPhone

iOS keyboard

For years Apple would not provide an option to download and install any third-party keyboard for iPhones.  Like it or hate it, that’s just how it was–and to be honest, most iPhone users were ok with that.  In fact, I would wager that the majority of iPhone users to this day, aren’t aware that since the introduction of iOS 8, we finally have choices when it comes to what keyboard we choose to use on our iPhones. Luckily there are now options for those who want to use Swift, Flesky, Swype, or any number of other available choices.

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How to set-up Apple pay on your iPhone


One of the most exciting new features Apple added to the iPhone lineup was the introduction of Apple Pay.  You can use your iPhone at an expanding number of retailers for payments of goods and services, as well as within some apps.  Apple Pay has developed very quickly since it was first introduced in October 2014. It is now accepted in over a million stores and counting. With that in mind, it’s important to know how to set-up Apple Pay as quickly and easily as possible so you can start taking advantage of the most convenient way to checkout at your favorite establishments.

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The first (5) apps to download after buying an iPhone



When you’re setting up your new iPhone of the first time, you probably already have in mind at least a few apps you might want/need right away.  This is especially true for users who have owned previous iPhone versions.  However, maybe this year you’re buying your first iPhone and you’re not exactly sure where to start.  Or, perhaps you are switching from another mobile platform, and you might be unaware of some stellar apps that are only available on iOS.  This is where we can provide some guidance, and suggestions based on years of experience and trial and error from our own interaction with the App Store.

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How to set-up and use Parental Controls on your iPhone

parental-controlsIf you have kids, you’ve probably handed them your iPhone a time or two to keep them occupied while out to dinner.  Perhaps you’ve introduced them to an educational game, or let them use your device for homework or to practice math skills like my youngest son does every week. The earlier you introduce them to technology, the faster they master it.  I know my kids are very tech savvy, more so then I ever was at their age.

However, along with this shared interest in technology, we as parents have a responsibility to keep them safe, and manage what apps they use, and the websites they visit on our devices. I’m _really_ tired of reading posts about parents claiming that Apple needs to refund them for purchases they didn’t authorize. If your young son or daughter uses your iPhone, especially if they know your passcode and Apple ID password, you should be held responsible for purchases made on that phone.

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The first (5) things you should do after buying a new iPhone


Every new year since the introduction of the original iPhone back in 2007, Apple has released a new version of their “flagship” phone.  Whether this is your first iPhone, you’re on a yearly upgrade cycle, or you ride your current iPhone into the ground before buying a new one, one thing remains the same–you will need take a little time to set-up your phone before using it for the first time.  After you get home and take your iPhone out of the box, there are a few important steps you should follow so they you can start enjoying your new gadget ASAP.  Here is our list of the first (5) things you need to do after your purchase.

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