How to remove your device(s) from Find my iPhone


If the time comes when you want/need to remove your iPhone from Find my iPhone, you have several options available to you.  The quickest, and easiest way is to do it right from your device.  To do this on your iPhone, launch Settings–> Apple iD Tab at the top of the page–> iCloud–> Find My iPhone–> Toggle Find my iPhone to the off position.

However, perhaps your iPhone is not currently in your possession, or maybe you sold it and forgot to delete your data and/or turn this feature off.  No worries, you have additional options available.  There are two more options that are just as effective at removing your iPhone from the list of tracked devices.

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How to create offline Google maps on your iPhone

Google-MapsI don’t know about you, but in my line of work, I often find myself off the beaten path in the middle of nowhere. In times like these it’s super helpful to have maps that I can still reference, even without an active internet connection.  For the most part, if you don’t already have the poor coverage area pre-loaded in your map program, you won’t have the ability to interact with the map.  This can be a huge inconvenience when I am trying to pin-point specific particular lat & long coordinates.

I really wanted to be able to accomplish this in Apple Maps.  However, after some searching around, I just couldn’t figure out how to make it happen, nor could I determine if it is even a possibility.  No worries, though, Google Maps is a perfectly good alternative, and even a preference for many iPhone users.

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An Apple Campaign: One Night on iPhone 7 in Pictures


Back in November of 2016 professional photographers from all around the world set out to canvass the  globe for one night using only their iPhone 7.  As part of the “Shot on an iPhone” campaign these photographers set out to capture the essence and beauty of life from dusk to dawn showcasing the low-light camera capabilities.   The fruits of their work will be displayed around the world in 25 countries starting today.  The variety and range of their work encompasses Arctic ice caves and Indonesian volcanoes, as well as the clubs of Johannesburg and rooftops of Shanghai.

Photographers ventured out and endured conditions in some extreme climates in an attempt to push the limits of the iPhone 7 and find the perfect shot. From pictures taken with a drone carrying an iPhone 7 over active volcanoes, to the foreboding terrain of the Arctic, photographers pushed the limits of the iPhone armed with just their imaginations.  The final products were stunning and a remarkable tribute to what the iPhone is capable of.

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iPhone App of the Week: BADLAND 2

Screen Shot 2017-01-22 at 8.53.33 PM

Who doesn’t like great iPhone apps? At iPhone Insight we definitely do. With that in mind, we offer up a quick review of an excellent iPhone app published here each week.  Check out all out picks below and you’ll soon have a collection of stellar apps for your favorite phone.

This week’s pick is BADLAND 2, by Frogmind.  The app is currently 50% off–what a great reason to give the sequel to Apple’s App of the Year a try!  Game apps on my iPhone are a tricky proposition for me.  For the most part they reside in one of two categories–apps that I would really like to try for one reason or another, or apps that I have played a few times, but have since been forgotten and now just take up space in my extra storage space.  One thing I’ve noticed over the last few weeks, is that I don’t make time in my day for any leisure/fun time–even if just for a 10 minutes at a time.  I haven’t made it a resolution or anything serious like that, but I’d like to allow myself a little more down time.

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Quick Look: Evernote 8.0 for iPhone

Evernote 8.0 hit the App Store this past week, and it’s probably one of my favourite app updates in recent memory. I’ve tried a few other note-taking apps — namely the Apple Notes app, Microsoft OneNote, and Bear — but none of them fit the way I think or want to recall my notes. For the longest time, Evernote felt like it was ailing in terms of its formatting and iOS interface, but Evernote 8.0 seems to solve both of those issues with one big update.

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My Instagram Workflow

When I started using Instagram a few years ago, I treated it like a spontaneous space for sharing pictures with friends. However, it took a while for my own group of friends to start using the service, and this changed the way I chose to post over time. Instagram may be owned by Facebook now, but I treat my Instagram account more like a photography platform, and leave more personal posts and candid shots for Facebook.

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Ten Years In- Part 1: A Look Back at the Announcement of the Original iPhone


It snuck up on me. New iOS devices have come and gone, new features have been revealed (and in a few notable cases, removed), and a titan of the electronic age has passed from this world. However, until I got reminder a couple of weeks ago while listening to Leo Laporte’s TWIT podcast, I had forgotten that we have officially reached the ten year anniversary of Steve Jobs’ tour de force announcement of the iPhone. There is something momentous about the passage of a decade, especially in the fast-moving realm of technology, making this a perfect time to both look back at what was, and also forward to the future.

A Personal Note

In a personal sense, what stands out to me is my own hubris at the time of the announcement. I certainly wasn’t alone in this, but it makes me laugh at myself a bit in hindsight. I had heard the rumors. I knew about the impending announcement of a big new piece of Apple hardware. However, even though I had dipped my toe into their ecosystem for the first time with a couple of iPods, I wasn’t interested. Not even a little. I was a longtime Windows Mobile PDA and Smartphone user with all of the accompanying apps and accessories. I was on XDA Forums when the original XDA actually existed, and Android was still just a glimmer in Andy Rubin’s eye. I had modded firmware and hacked and skinned, and anything else possible. I was so disinterested in Apple’s inevitable phone, that I didn’t actually see or hear Steve Jobs’ presentation until a few years later. I read the early reports on the event, and then the pre-release reviews later on as the release approached, but my interest in a new platform with no ability to load applications was lukewarm, at best through the majority of 2007.

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My Home Screen in 2017: Based on Activities (Not Categories)

Just like Rob, I’ve been doing some thinking about how often I’ll take my iPhone out and idly flick and tap through my apps and Home screens. Especially with TouchID, it has become effortless to take my iPhone out of my pocket and just check it — without really knowing what I’m checking it for.

It’s happening often enough that it is hampering my ability to focus, and I think part of this has to do with the number of icons I’m seeing on my Home screen. There are times when I’ll exit Safari to do something else, but once I’ve gotten to the Home screen, I’ll already have forgotten what that was, because a red badge will catch my eye. Something new on Instagram or Slack is waiting for me, and I have to know what it is.

So I’m taking this change in year as a chance to shake things up.

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What’s on your iPhone Home Screen?

img_0673_iphone6splusspacegrey_portraitWith the start of a new year, I thought I’d take another look at my iPhone home screen, and make some decisions on what I “need” and what apps I have simply accumulated over the last 3.5 months since purchasing my iPhone 7 Plus.  The majority of my most used apps live on the first home screen page, with the next page consisting of mostly folders and recent downloads that I have yet to decide if Im going to keep or not.  Since there is only room for 28 app icons on one screen I have assigned (5) icon slots with my most frequently used folders.  These folders are broken down into two groups–my most used app categories like Social apps and Productivity, and brand based apps such as Apple, Google and Microsoft.

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iPhone App of the Week: Runtastic Results: Strength & Fitness Workout

Runtastic for iPhone

Who doesn’t like great iPhone apps? At iPhone Insight we definitely do. With that in mind, we offer up a quick review of an excellent iPhone app published here each week.  Check out all out picks below and you’ll soon have a collection of stellar apps for your favorite phone.

This week’s pick is Runtastic Results: Strength & Fitness Workout, by Runtastic.  Perhaps on the surface it might seem like a copout to select an exercise app for the App of the week, being that it is the first week in a brand new year.  However, being that losing weight and getting in shape is one of the most reported New Year’s resolutions, I actually think that it’s the perfect choice.  Although many of us try to use a new year to get back on track with a variety of causes in our lives, many just don’t know where to start when it comes to exercise.

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